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LGPS-Live is a webinar series focusing on the key issues for LGPS pension funds and pools. Our upcoming webinars look at specific areas of pension fund management, examining how the LGPS can deal efficiently with day-to-day operations, administration and governance, while maintaining their focus on investment strategy and performance.

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a profound effect across the globe on how people live and work. How are local authority pension funds and pools coping with the challenges presented by Covid-19? And what procedures can they put in place to ensure that the key functions continue to operate during the crisis. The LGPS-Live webinar series is the ideal place for practitioners to tap in to the experience and knowledge of some of the biggest names in the sector.

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LGPS-Live takes place on the first Wednesday of every month. Below is the latest schedule.

1st September
 LGPS Funding Levels

6th October
 Diversification Strategies

3rd November
Topics: TBC


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