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Regular audiences of over 100 senior LGPS representatives

LGPS-Live is a webinar series focusing on the key issues for LGPS pension funds and pools. Our webinars look at specific areas of pension fund management, examining how the LGPS can deal efficiently with day-to-day operations, administration and governance, while maintaining their focus on investment strategy and performance.

1st June, 2022 | LGPS-Live recap

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2022 Schedule

7th September
Topic: Beware new governance pitfalls

Is LGPS governance keeping up with changes in investment strategies? With private market investments and the associated time to deployment increasing, current governance may not account for the associated risks. This session shines a light on some of those governance essentials in the safe environment of an LGPS-Live webinar.

5th October
Topic: Making an impact impression

Impact investment it is great. But even when you can measure it, how do you evidence that investments are creating impact? To what extent might existing strategies already satisfy such an objective?

2nd November
Topic: Consultation, consultation, consultation
There are many themes being pulled together over the summer that funds and pools will have to address: the developing TCFD environment and other regulatory and governance matters.

7th December
Topic: Human rights – the ugly face of ESG
Funds and pools are developing dedicated approaches to ensure this part of the ESG conundrum is addressed in a satisfactory manner.


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