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Regular audiences of over 150 senior LGPS representatives

LGPS-Live is a webinar series focusing on the key issues for LGPS pension funds and pools. Our webinars look at specific areas of pension fund management, examining how the LGPS can deal efficiently with day-to-day operations, administration and governance, while maintaining their focus on investment strategy and performance.

4th May, 2022 | LGPS-Live recap

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2022 Schedule

1st June
Topic: As safe as houses

Affordable and social housing ticks so many boxes for investment committees, it remains a major theme for decision-makers in the LGPS. With the asset class touching on aspects such as ESG, impact, infrastructure, and real estate, our panel looks at how and why the LGPS could consider investment in this area.

6th July
Topic: It’s all about the dollar bill

With the valuation taking place this year, there will be renewed focus on income generation as pension funds approach fully funded status. So, how are funds/pools dealing with this? How should they be dealing with it and is it really such a great deviation from what they’re already doing?

7th September
Topic: Governance 101
Even if funded above 100%, funds are going cashflow negative and hard work will be required to ensure strategies remain fit for purpose. Now is not the time to get bogged down in petty differences, so this session shines a light on governance essentials in the safe environment of an LGPS-Live webinar.


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